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Being Found Online by Google web search

Being found? I mean rank on Page 1 for an SEO organic search.

These statistics will likely blow your mind …
Back in 2010 (only a blink ago) the Internet stored approx. 200 Million websites. Today Google searches over One Billion websites to answer search queries.
Now, your website does not actually compete with all 1Billion sites. But ignoring necessary SEO details will leave you INVISIBLE… (we’ll get to the invisible solution in a bit)

Good News! Ninety-five percent of the Internet is INVISIBLE. “But I built my site. I can see it!” Sure you can see your site. Sure you have a domain. But does Google know you exist? Is your site indexed or catalogued? If you’re part of the 95% then… you need to contact me.

Even amongst the 5% of indexed sites there is still a problem: too many choices for the person searching. No one clicks beyond page 1.

Is Your Business Invisible?

With the exponential growth of the Internet it has become increasingly difficult for businesses (websites) to be found in search engines. For the inexperienced web builder it is now almost impossible to guarantee first page organic search results for webs in Google.

New Breakthrough Innovation

WSI’s R&D team have developed a number of new innovations leveraging deep expertise and Silicon Valley relationships to create a competitive advantage for businesses of any size.

One of these ground-breaking innovations is the next generation of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we’ve aptly called it: Adaptive SEO (ASEO™) – this is a new organic optimization methodology that maximizes your competitive edge when customers search for your products and services.

This is a game-changer that can protect your marketing investment in uncertain and rapidly changing times.
Nobody finds your business on the web? We can help.

In the video above we discuss how your campaigns are preventing your customers from finding you

Points at minute

7:09 How to connect with us to solve your questions

7:28 Don’t make it difficult for people to find you, connect with you, serve your audience

8:45 Celebrate your buyers rather than harass your buying customer with tags

9:50 how your expertise might be causing friction

11:12 Flyer concept should not be repeated in your online campaigns

11:36 Facebook rule against Clickbaiting

14:33 Social Media of big companies is not necessarily what you should be doing. They do not always follow best practices.

17:00 Point 1 of Best Practices. Create your own content

18:00 talk about the problem your product or service solves

20:00 understand your audience to serve them while in your sales funnel

22:00 your social media campaign is cyclical as you get closer to the niche market who loves you and refers your brand

22:54 Social Media is process to collect feedback from your engaged audience and your aim is to invite them to convert to a call or a sale

24:18 How email marketing can work for your business

26:22 when to sell your interested lead during your social campaign or follow-up meeting Relevant, Transparent, and compelling copy is vital throughout your social media campaigns. We want to help you put power into your social campaigns

29:42 Resources I promised you… Books to read

30:45 Why the Question WHY would not clear your mind for you to see a clearer path to your success