5 Benefits of Online Advertising

Briefly share the benefits on an online advertising campaign

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you never know when an event in your community gives your campaign a negative reaction with your customer. Hurricane Irma just passed through the Caribbean and while we are watching the constant updates from the weather authorities and news channels…Sandals is advertising. An online advertising campaign would let you know immediately if your ad is doing well or experiencing high bounce rates.

High bounce rates reveals – campaign is wasting your online advertising budget and needs to adjust.

Test your hypothesis

Test the demographics of your audience. Test the time to send messages out. Test what sites to advertise on. A true marketer knows that trends are exactly that. Trends are constantly changing. Many online advertisers know that what brought in 95% sales last year may only bring in 3% today. What worked in a particular industry in Bahamas may or may not work in Barbados. Let the campaign tell you the best traffic sources, demographics, time schedules, for your industry. Test. Test. Test.

Analytic Reports reveals – where, when and how to optimize your online advertising budget

Run several ads with different keywords

The reason why most businesses miss the small budget that delivers great results is cause they’re advertising how they want to advertise. Keywords, when done right, tells you what to try. Test the keywords. Kill the ads that are not delivering. Major benefit – Online advertising can be changed in milliseconds.

KPI measuring confirms the chosen keywords for your online advertising are spot on

Bonus benefits of online advertising

Customer data collection. You, the marketing executive, decides to what level of detail you wish to collect information on the audience that reacted to your online ads. If you run ads only and believe that all I have spoken about above is too expensive – then your ads will always be prone to missing your target. Your ads will be guessing in the dark. Your online paid search ads will have lots of likes but the sales will not be realized. Or in fact you won’t ever know how much less your cost per lead could be and eventually your cost per sale. Data collection of your best customer helps you to serve that customer better. You talk their language more. They’re happy. You’re happy.

Another benefit of online advertising is paid search compliments organic search. If you are doing it right your organic search helps your paid search to cost you less. Call for your appointment today if you want to learn more or improve your online advertising results.

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